"You guys absolutely killed it and were a big part of what made our wedding the best party our guests had been to in years.  The music was outstanding and radio-quality caliber.  The song selection and order were perfect to set the mood just right.  I couldn't be happier that we had Nate Bash Band performing at our wedding.  I'd say to anyone considering a live band at their wedding: It's so important to have performers and an emcee that can ignite your party while making sure the bride and groom shine during their big moments.  Nate Bash Band does that!"

- Brian, Groom


"Nate Bash band was really great for our wedding.  As a bride, there are so many things you have to worry about before and after the wedding, so to have such a professional, talented, and capable group was so important.  Being able to keep the guests entertained and having fun while my husband and I had our pictures done, got ready for cake, and things like that, was so important.  My husband and I had so much fun, too, and we will remember it forever.  We are eternally grateful to you guys for the show you put on for our special day.  Thank you!"

- Sheena, Bride


"Thanks for the amazing music for our wedding reception! We've received lots of compliments from our guest, many who said our wedding and our music were the very best. So thanks again for making our day extra special - people are still talking about specific solos in certain songs that you totally crushed! 

- Caroline & Colin, Bride & Groom


"Nate Bash Band completely exceeded our expectations!! They kept EVERYONE in the room dancing for 4 hours straight and brought so much energy to our wedding. I could not have picked a better band. Leading up to the wedding they were so professional, prompt with responses, and accommodating—they had organized worksheets detailing all of their songs and played exactly what we wanted... Funk and Motown are definitely their specialties but they can play anything ranging the board from Rap to Country. Our guests were so impressed with this band that 2 have since booked them for upcoming weddings. I can only hope I get to dance with them again at someone else wedding. You cannot go wrong with these guys!"

- Tim, Groom