Pamela Robles

Lead vocals & Percussion

Pamela Robles is an alternative R&B/ Soul artist from the beautiful Island of Dominican, Republic. She was introduced to music by both of her parents who were members of their local church. Dad percussionist and mother choir leader, Pamela soon began to emerge into the music scene with two great influences. She joined her church choir at the age of 7, where she made the decision of fully committing her self to music. Throughout her career she has been involved in numerous community theatre shows and is currently attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

During her time at Berklee she has had some amazing opportunities from being a lead in the 100th anniversary of Fenway to recently being a featured artist in the annual Black Lives Matter Show. Berklee has helped Pamela push towards figuring out the type of artist she wants to be. She is currently working on her magazine for underground artist, which is due to launch at the end of 2017. Pamela is also hoping to release new music for the summer of 2017.